The Consumer Award

The Consumer Award, sponsored by Statewide Super, is the people's choice award.

The passion and support of consumers is very important to South Australia's food and beverage manufacturers and producers, making the Consumer Award one of the most popular, and hotly contested, awards in the South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards program each year. 

Entry in the Consumer Award is open to South Australian food and beverage manufacturers and producers. A business can be nominated by a consumer, or the business may nominate themselves. Consumers do not have to be residents of South Australia to nominate their favourite South Australian food or beverage business for the Consumer Award.

There is a single round of voting for this award and the winners are determined by the number of votes they receive. Businesses are therefore encouraged to actively promote the award among their networks.

In 2020, two categories were introduced for this award -  for businesses with up to 15 FTEs and for businesses with more than 15 FTEs.

Previous winners of the Consumer Award include:

  • 2020: Alexandrina Cheese Company (businesses with up to 15 FTEs) and Robern Menz (businesses with more than 15 FTEs)
  • 2019: Haigh's Chocolates
  • 2018: Golden North
  • 2017: Robern Menz
  • 2016: Golden North
  • 2015: Robern Menz
  • 2014: Enzo's at Home
  • 2013: Robern Menz


The Consumer Award Legend

The South Australian Consumer Award Legend was introduced to reward those businesses who have won the Consumer Award at least three times - a testament to the loyalty of consumers to these great South Australian brands and to the quality of their products. This is the kind of consumer love all our food and beverage businesses yearn for, and work so hard to achieve.

The South Australian Consumer Award Legend was introduced in 2018, when Robern Menz were recognised as the inaugural inductee. 

"Being inducted as the inaugural recipient of the Legend Award means so much to us as it demonstrates not only what industry professionals are thinking aout Robern Menz and the FruChocs brand, but also how we are perceived by the public," said Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims on receiving the award.

"We're enormously thankful for the loyalty we've received over the years, as a three time winner of the Consumer Award and now [with] elevation to Legend status."

Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims with Food SA CEO Catherine Sayer and the Consumer Legend Award





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