About the awards

The South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards seek out and recognise excellence and innovation across all areas of the food and beverage industry in South Australia.

These awards are your opportunity to celebrate and share your success with your team, your customers and your industry. Winners and finalists use the awards as a point of difference and a powerful recommendation for their products in domestic and export markets.

Our theme for 2020 was Sharing Our Stories in recognition of the people, places and passions underpinning the success of our industry, and the rising importance of storytelling to connect and engage with consumers around the world - a trend that increased significantly through the first half of 2020 and is now one of the top consumer trends for food and beverage globally.

The 2021 South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards will be launched in early May, but you can still download last year's brochure here or click here to view the 2020 official launch video. Stay tuned for further information on the 2021 program!


Participating in the awards allows you to:
  • benchmark your business against the industry's best
  • increase your brand and business profile with customers and key industry stakeholders
  • review and evaluate your business goals and achievements
  • reward, inspire and celebrate with your team
  • take part in the awards program media campaign, including news and trade media


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Who can enter the Awards?

There are four types of awards in the South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards: open business awards, open individual awards, industry nominated awards and the Consumer Award. 


Open Business Awards

Entry in the open business award categories is open to any business which is a food or beverage producer, manufacturer, or franchisor, provided that:

  • the head office or principal place of business is in South Australia (and if the business is operated by a franchisee, the head office or principal place of business of the franchisor is in South Australia), and 
  • at least half the expenses of the business are incurred in South Australia.

Food and beverage producers, manufacturers and franchisors who meet these criteria are eligible to apply for the Business Excellence Award, Emerging Business Award, Export Award, Innovation in Business Award, Innovation in Food or Beverage Award, New Product Award, Primary Producer Award and Sustainability Award.

Please note:

  • Each award category may also have additional eligibility criteria. These are outlined on the downloadable award category information sheets here.
  • Service Providers are only eligible for the Service Provider Award. Unfortunately due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Service Provider Award was unable to be offered as part of the 2020 awards program. We hope to reinstate this important category in the 2021 program.
  • Restaurants, cafes, food service and wine businesses are not eligible for entry in this awards program.


Open Individual Awards

Entry in the open individual award categories is open to individuals living in South Australia and currently working in the South Australian food and beverage sector. Individuals meeting these criteria are eligible for the Leader Award or Next Generation Award and can be self or peer nominated.


Industry Nominated Awards

Individuals/businesses cannot directly apply for an industry nominated award. Entry is conferred by a panel of industry experts. This includes induction into the South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards Hall of Fame.


The Consumer Award

Entry in the Consumer Award is open to South Australian food and beverage manufacturers and producers. A business can be nominated by a consumer, or the business may nominate themselves. Consumers do not have to be residents of South Australia to nominate their favourite South Australian food or beverage business for this award. The winner for businesses with up to 15 FTEs and for businesses with more than 15 FTEs is determined by the number of votes each business receives.

Please note: restaurants, cafes, food service and wine businesses are not eligible for this award.


A proud history and a bright future

The South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards are managed and hosted by Food South Australia with the support of the Government of South Australia. This awards program has brought together a range of industry sector awards, first beginning in the late 1990s for primary industry sectors including agriculture, horticulture and fibre. Over the years, award categories have changed to reflect the changing nature of the industry, culminating in the current awards program, now recognised across the industry and among customers and stakeholders as a sign of excellence and innovation.


The South Australian Premier's Food and Beverage Industry Awards are proudly hosted by Food South Australia with funding support of the Government of South Australia through an industry-government partnership designed to support industry-wide growth.