What we do

Food South Australia is the state's peak body for the food and beverage industry in South Australia.



Our mission is to support and sustain the state's food and beverage industry. Membership of Food South Australia is open to food and beverage manufacturers, processors and producers, industry service providers and industry associations.

We are membership-based and the trusted partner of food and beverage manufacturing, processing and producing businesses of all sizes and ages, working with our members to grow markets, business capability and capacity, and industry connections.

We are industry-led, governed by a Board of experienced industry professionals who work in the sector and ensure our services and programs are meeting real industry needs and responding to real industry challenges.

We are the industry's voice, communicating industry needs and priorities to industry stakeholders and all levels of government. 

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Platform for industry growth

Food South Australia has worked with the industry to develop a strategic platform based on three pillars identified as necessary for industry growth: growing markets, growing businesses and growing connections. Growing your markets centres on working with you to identify and evaluate new markets and support you to grow market share. Growing your business is all about developing your business capabilities and capacity to support your growth. Growing your connections brings everything together - this is where we connect you to the right experts with the right knowledge to help you upskill and overcome challenges, introduce you to customers and markets with the best potential for your products, or simply help you make the connection with the right contact to resolve a business issue.

While Food South Australia is an independent and membership-based organisation and our members enjoy a range of benefits, we also receive funding support through a unique partnership with the Government of South Australia, managed through the Department for Trade and Investment, to provide programs and activities to support industry-wide growth. These industry-wide programs are developed by Food South Australia in line with the key pillars of our platform for industry growth.

We also undertake regular research projects to provide all stakeholders with evidence of industry needs and priorities and publish a range of resources for use by industry, government and media. Search for Resources under the How we can help tab in our menu to find out more.