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Research hub to deliver value add and improved processing for oat products

Wednesday 23, Sep 2020

An application to the Australian Research Council is being prepared to establish an Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Oats at the campus, bringing together oat growers, breeding companies, grain millers, and food manufacturers who might benefit from having oat-derived ingredients better tailored to their needs for finished food products.

Industry deliverables from the proposed Hub include:

  • new value adding opportunities
  • new oat-derived ingredients that provide consumer health benefits
  • new oat products that grow demand in Australian and Asian markets
  • research and development advancements that translate through targeted breeding to high-yielding and more nutritious oat varieties
  • improved methodologies to manage oat quality
  • improved oat processing technologies
  • increased industry capability in cereal science, food and processing technology

Food manufacturers who are interested in finding out more or being involved can contact Dr Tim Sutton at SARDI.