Sustainable packaging to reduce food waste

New national packaging targets for sustainable packaging will apply from 2025.

Food South Australia commenced a collaborative research program focused on sustainable packaging in 2019. The Sustainable Packaging to Reduce Food Waste Program was developed in partnership with the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), the Fight Food Waste Centre for Cooperative Research and Food Innovation Australia (FIAL). The program was open to all food and beverage manufacturers, processors and producers seeking a better understanding of sustainable packaging options and where to start to implement new packaging to reduce food waste in their business. Program components included an introductory workshop with AIP packaging experts and a tour of the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority Material Recovery Facility, online one-to-one consultations to develop specific strategies and access to FIAL's Food Matrix portal to access specialists to facilitate the introduction of more sustainable packaging for participating businesses.


Where to from here? 

COVID-19 profoundly impacted traditional transport methods for food and beverage products when air freight was disrupted. Food South Australia is now investigating ways in which we can support our industry to tackle the challenges around extending shelf life for transport. This project is now in development and more details will be made available soon. If you are interested in participating in programs targeting this topic, contact Industry Liaison Samantha Alexandra by email or phone 8303 9435.


Want to know more?

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These programs receive funding support from the Government of South Australia through an industry-government partnership designed to support industry-wide growth.