Advocating for our industry

As the peak body for the food and beverage industry, Food South Australia is the voice of this significant industry in South Australia. We represent you at all levels of government and across local, national and international markets. We monitor issues affecting the sector and keep you informed through our member briefings, ENews and member updates on these issues.

We encourage all businesses in the food and beverage industry to be proactive in contributing to consultations on key policy areas affecting our sector. Food South Australia members are encouraged to provide confidential submissions to us for inclusion in industry responses to these consultation. We receive many requests for industry views on a wide range of issues and part of our role is to collate evidence and insights drawing on industry feedback.

Members can contribute ot these cosultations or raise issues of concern by contacting Food South Australia CEO Catherine Sayer by phone or by email.

Food South Australia can also assist our members with individual concerns affecting your business when the issue is one that may be difficult for an individual business to progress. If, at any stage, you are facing such an issue, plesae contact Catherine Sayer. 

Currently Food South Australia is engaging in discussions on issues including:

  • Industrial special risk (ISR) insurance premiums: ISR premiums have been skyrocketing in the food and beverage industry, with increases in some cases of 300%. Increases may be linked in some cases to the presence of EPS panels but there is a lack of transparency in communications and the rationale behind these increases. Food South Australia is working with the Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association, Insulated Panel Council Australasia, Australian Meat Industry Council, and Egg Farmers of Australia regarding this issue, and liaising with the Federal Government to find solutions for industry.

Current consultations

The following consultations are calling for industry submissions:

  • Review of the Food STandards Australian and New Zealand Act 1991. Click here to find out more.
  • Developing a new biosecurity act for South Australia. Click here to find out more.


Recent submissions

Food South Australia has recently provided input or made submissions to:

  • Parliamentary Inquiry into Recycling
  • Creating a Modern Industry Policy for South Australia
  • Riverland Wine and Food Centre Consultation
  • Single use Plastics
  • Container Deposit Legislation
  • 20 Year State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion
  • Country of Origin Labelling

For  more information on submissions, please contact Food South Australia.