Packaging unpacked for food and beverage

Start Date
06 May 2021
End Date
06 May 2021
Visy, Wingfield
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Samantha Alexandra
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8303 9435
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This one day, two workshop program starts with a wrap of the status and options for recyclable, reusable and compostable packaging in Australia and continues with an in-depth session with Australian and international packaging experts looking at smart packaging and optimising label options for your specific packaging requirements. The day also includes a tour of the latest in recyclable technology at the Visy facility. Each workshop will also include a Q&A session with our expert presenters.

Get to grips with packaging solutions for the future with a full day registration for both workshops or select one workshop for your needs now.

The Whole Recycling Package

This workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of the types of packaging materials available that really are recyclable in Australia and the most appropriate options for your business. Topics include:

  • Overview of recyclable packaging in Australia, including current methods of recycling available in Australia
  • Compostable materials
  • Soft plastics and flexible packaging
  • What you need to know about single-use plastics now
  • Packaging material and industry trends
  • Circular packaging design
  • The 2025 national sustainable packaging targets and what you need to know to get there from here



Professor Pierre Pienaar MSc, FAIP, CPP

Pierre is President, World Packaging Organisation and Education Director, Australian Institute of Packaging and is a registered Certified Packaging Professional in over 60 countries. Pierre's contribution to the industry has been recognised with an Australian Institute of Packaging Founders Award and he regularly provides expert opinion on packaging science, engineering and technology.


Joe Foster FAIP

Joe is a trainer with the Australian Institute of Packaging Education Team and has been involved in the flexible packaging industry for over 35 years, bringing a global view to this ever-evolving sector through his experiences in Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Australia. Joe is the recipient of a World Packaging Organisation Lifetime Achievement Award and was named as an Industry Professional of the Year by the Australian Institute of Packaging.



Product Identification, Track and Trace, and Labelling for Food and Beverage Packaging

This workshop is designed to provide you with practical guidance on how to select the right label type for the right packaging material, and better understand how active and intelligent packaging solutions can fit into your business. Topics include:

  • Identifying the right label material for your product category and packaging type - including inks, adhesives and requirements for the product supply chain 
  • Active and intelligent packaging
  • Supply chain product identification requirements



Dr Carol Kilcullen-Lawrence PhD, FAIP, CPP

Carol is a member of the Australian Institute of Packaging  Education Team with more than 25 years' experience in the industry focusing on labelling technologies and sustainability. Her background in polymer chemistry enables her to assist businesses to identify the most appropriate label adhesives for packaging choices and maximising recyclability. 


Michael Dossor, MAIP

Michael is a member of the Australian Institute of Packaging Education Team and has over 30 years' experience specialising in print, machinery and materials for packaging. Michael also provides input to a range of forums including the Save Food Packaging Consortium of the Fight Food Waste CRC and is a representative on GS1's Traceability Advisory Group Steering Committee. Michael established the Result Group to provide industry with expertise in product identification machinery including label/sleeving systems, coding and marking equipment and automation solutions.


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