FOOD SA COVID-19 webinars for the food and beverage industry

Food South Australia is working with our sponsors and partners to provide the food and beverage industry with up-to-date support to help you manage COVID-19 and give you access to our experts to assist with putting you in the best position for recovery.


Recent webinars

JobKeeper and JobMaker Updates

Moore Australia presented a webinar on the JobMaker scheme in November 2020, examining the JobMaker periods, payment rates, qualifying employees and eligibility for the program. Watch the webinar here

A JobKeeper webinar was presented on 27 August by Moore Australia and covered the latest updates on changes to the rules for JobKeeper 1.0 and how the revised JobKeeper package operates.

Duration: 45 minutes. Click here to access the webinar.


Economic update for the food and beverage sector

Presented by NAB Agribusiness, this webinar covered the current status of key markets and look at likely trends in domestic markets as impacts of COVID-19 continue to affect consumer spending, businesse operations and travel.

Duration: 30 minutes. Click here to view the webinar.


COVID-19 and your superannuation: What's happened and what to do next

Presented by Statewide Super on 7 May, this webinar covered:

  • What's happened in the financial markets as a result of COVID-19
  • What impact this has had on superannuation
  • How early access to superannuation works and what you should know about it
  • Common questions being asked about superannuation right now

Duration: 30 minutes. Click here to view the webinar.


Q&A - Unpacking JobKeeper 1.0

Presented by Moore Australia on 22 April, this webinar was designed to answer the most common questions about the Australian Government's initial JobKeeper package, including how reduction of turnover is measured, what you have to do to receive payments and how to pay your staff, reporting requirements and what happens if you get it wrong. 

Click here to listen to the webinar and here to download Moore Australia's Guide to the JobKeeper Package. This information applies to employers and employees for the JobKeeper scheme in operation until 30 September. Please also register for the JobKeeper Update webinar above to find out more about the extension of the JobKeeper scheme which will commence on 1 October 2020.


Managing contractual obligations

Presented by Norman Waterhouse on 23 April, this webinar addressed contractual issues facing businesses as a result of COVID-19 including:

  • What happens if you can't fulfil your contractual obligations because of COVID-19?
  • Waht is a 'force majeure'?
  • Is your force majeure clause adequate to cover a pandemic event?
  • Is a "catch-all" phrase enough?
  • What does an 'Act of God' mean?
  • When will a party be relieved of its obligations?
  • If all else fails, can the common law doctrine of frustration come to the rescue?
  • What are the alternatives to a formal approach?
  • Can you claim on Business Interruption Insurance?

Duration: 30 mins. Click here to view the webinar.


Managing debtors

Presented by Norman Waterhouse on 21 April, this webinar covered:

  • How to make sure your customer credit applications and terms of trade are protecting your business
  • What to do when a customer says they can't pay you and want to vary your agreed terms of trade
  • Steps to take to enforce payments
  • Changes to insolvency laws which now impact debt recover
  • Self help options under PPS and other laws

Duration: 30 minutes. Click here to view the webinar.


Managing workforce issues

Presented by Norman Waterhouse on 16 April, this webinar focused on workforce issues including:

  • Leave requirements during self-isolation
  • Can you force an employee to self-quarantine if they appear unwell?
  • What if an employee refuses to come to work, or perform certain duties, due to exposure fears?
  • Can you force staff to take annual leave or personal leave?
  • Can you request staff to reduce their hours or salary?
  • Stand down and other strategies
  • Managing at risk staff
  • Workers compensation risks
  • Working from home arrangements

Duration: 30 minutes. Click here to view the webinar.